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Blood Gangs in LA

The Bloods are a mostly all black gang, however there are a lot of members that are not black. The birthplace of the Bloods is Los Angeles, California.

In this article we are going to go over known bloods knowledge.

The gang is made up of many sub sets. These different sub sets, rule a different area, or hood and claim as their own.

The Bloods biggest rival are the Crips, although they some blood sets, also beef with bloods.

Their main color choice and how you can recognize a blood gang member is by what color they are wearing. That color is red.

Bloods Gang History

The bloods were initially formed to compete against the large and growing Crips Gang in LA. This rivavlry goes back all the way to the 1960s when Raymond Washinton and several other crips stepped up to Sylvester scott and Benson Owens.

In response to this confrontation, Owens established the West Piru Boys. The bloods were created to provide protection from the Crips.

Many non crip gangs called each other “blood”. It was after a killing of a non crip gang member happened, non crip gangs came together to from the Blood alliance.

The Westside Pirus were the ones who brought all the non crip gangs together to form the bloods, and are now believed to be the first blood gang.


Bloods are identified through indicators such as colors, clothing, symbols, tats, gang signs.

They wear clothing with red, they like to wear sport clothing with red in the.

Gang signs are the letter b formed with the fingers, or bloods formed in your fingers.


The initiation into the bloods can be multiple different things. Some common initiations are:

  • Beatdowns of a set time are done to prospects of the gang, these can be up to 1 minute.
  • Committing a crime is also a popular initiation