Best road trips places in USA

Are you a road trip lover? Do you love going to long drives alone or with friends? If no, then you must stop reading this post and enjoy your as usual boring life. If yes, then this article is for you.

Apart from America being the land of opportunities, USA has one of the best paved roads to have a long drive and road trips in either a motorcycle or a car. However, a motorcycle is preferred to enjoy the full pleasure of your road trip. Many people think that motorcycles are unsafe and a health hazard on road trips. This is completely wrong. Even cars can get accidents. All you should do is get the perfect gear and kits to secure your long road trips. One more thing is to always remember to get enough gas for your preferred ride as if you get no petrol pump nearly, you might have to get stranded for a longer period and if there is dust, rain or snow, just pray that you don’t die standing.

Let’s start with the real article and showcase you one of the best roads to travel in USA. The first one is obviously the most popular and one of our favorite Columbia Scenic Highway in Oregon. This highway is long but have greatly paved roads and a breath-taking landscape. The area covered is almost 74-miles. You can enjoy fresh breeze of air and amazing mountains in your entire road trip.

The second-best place to have a great road trip adventure is route 66, the highway that join Illinois to California. The road has many shops, bars, cafes and petrol pumps on the way and is also known as the great mythological highway because of its natural surrounding and amazing landscape to watch. This highway is also great for photography. So, make sure you bring along your finest photography equipment. If you catch rain or snow in the middle of your road trip, you can go to a motel nearby.

The third place that lands in our list is Hill Country Hideaway in Texas. This highway is neat and very long. You can enjoy hours and hours of driving and if you are visiting with 3-4 friends, you can share the time to driving equally for everyone, so all the people can enjoy no-bump straight road in the state of cowboys. It has an elementary landscape and that feels like so breathtaking that you may even do camping at night on a road-side.

The fourth and final top most place falling in our list is the great river road, that join Minnesota to Louisiana state. There is no way any road trip lover can miss this road. The road is so well paved that you will feel not even a single bump and there are no blockades or any restrictions. Just drive, drive and drive. There are many places you can visit nearby the highway and the scenes are so breathtaking. The road is up and down and creating an extra exciting amongst the long road lovers.

So, these were the four-extra ordinary best road to travel in USA. Of course, there are many roads that were not listed in this post. However, these 4 roads will do justice for now. These are very popular roads and you will always find minimal traffic on these highways. Make sure that you are extra prepared for this long trip to nowhere. Also, not to forget taking the first aid kit along, that helps you heal small wounds if in-case you slip from your motorcycle or crash your car.