Best Places to Visit on Solo Travel

The prospect of travelling alone is an optimistic decision. Not only it’s an impressive healing aspect for the soul, but a spiritual journey of self-discovery. So we have dotted down a few amazing places to visit solo whenever you feel like you need a break from the world.

  • Barcelona

Barcelona is a remarkable city to travel alone to. It is the principal metropolitan city within the Catalonian district of Spain. Bistros stretching down the long alleys and low rises built with eccentric Hispanic architecture are the essence of the city. There is a fair chance of running into football celebs in Barcelona as well.

  • Vienna

The Austrian capital is a delightful place for lone travelers, the home to quite a few walking legends and picturesque landscapes. Being large quarter of historical culture and design, Vienna remains a legacy of charming humanities. A single night in Vienna when the marvelous structures shimmer in the moonlight is a sight to behold.

  • Vietnam

For females who wish to travel unaccompanied and independently, Vietnam is an extraordinary choice. It is one of the foremost women-friendly destinations in all the world, women of all kinds would absolutely love the exotic bazaars and the animated atmosphere of markets.

  • South Korea

South Korea hasn’t exactly been the number one tour destination until recently when the place has become more safe and recognized. It is known for its beautiful shrubs of cherry blossom and the primordial Buddhist temples of worship and spirituality. The Southern Peninsula of Korea has also been a land to inhabit stunning tropical islands and villages.

  • Vancouver

This Canadian city is dense with courteous people bustling about in gaiety. Vancouver is the hub of cultural diversity flourishing with artistic virtuosity. It is a popular destination for shooting films and theatrical capital of Canada. Worth visiting alone at least once in life to tour the countless springs and milestones that lay there.

  • Miami

The land of stunning white sand beaches and outlandish nightlife. For a true discovery of lonesome adventure one must visit Miami once in their life, for a taste of every sweet and spice life has to offer. With an enormous amount of pubs, senseless clubbing, beautiful art, deco architecture and the largest population of LGBT community in USA, Miami qualifies as being the most eccentric coastal city of the decade.

  • South Island, New Zealand

Originally globally famous for its divine waterfalls New Zealand has quite a few other attractions, South Island is the wondrous terminus of endless possibilities. Every view, backdrop and landmark is eye-candy. While, the city holds an infinite amount of activities to be pursued such as skydiving, zorbing, skiing, bungee-jumping, horseback riding, kayaking and so much more.…