Picking the Best Beginner Dj Controller

In my last article I gave you a bit about the advantages of a DJ software told and shown you a couple of programs. Today we deal with the appropriate tool to use the software accordingly. Using the MIDI controller you can the entire functions of the software operate without running wild with your mouse or use the keyboard to have.

Construction of MIDI controllers

Most like a classic 2-channel DJ set the consoles are built: the left and right respectively a deck with cue and play buttons, jog wheels, like turntables behave, and various functions such as effects and loop units, to the mid EQ with fader and crossfader. The consoles now offer almost all built-in sound card, so you can connect it to the master out directly to the system, and also on the front of a phone output, with which you can Preview tracks. The simple and familiar DJ operation make the consoles so popular. There are a lot of differences between the now countless model, and you can find all these models at Online DJ Guide.

What you have to consider when buying her?

What you should really pay attention, are the built-in sound card. Some controllers are a little weak in the chest. Degrees in the depths it really lacks most of pressure. Different outputs of course also offer different results. Especially the console with 24-bit sound card and XLR output mostly have a little more pressure than the console with 16-bit with a simple RCA output. Another difference can be found at the knobs, faders and the housing. Partly suffer the quality and especially the durability of the kostengüstigen production .

3 TOP beginner Midi controllers compared

I have taken for you my three favorite among MIDI controllers under the microscope. The Denon MC-4000, Numark NV II and the Pioneer DDJ-SR, which you currently win in our competition can.

Denon MC-4000

denon dj controller

The Denon MC-4000 is a device that has been developed in collaboration with Serato and comes standard with Serato DJ. However, one can operate with all popular programs, the console now. The console has two extra large jog wheels, which scratch quite easily go out of hand. The soft-touch buttons below the jog wheel can be pressed and super slow only barely noticeable in the millisecond range. Above the jog wheels you can find the effect unit with which you can directly access three effects, the pre-assigned her in the DJ program. The MIDI controller has two XLR master outputs that can bring pressure on the system correctly and in addition again a booth output to jack for your monitor. In addition, you will find for the microphone a XLR and jack input on the rear. On the front side of the Denon offers MC-4000 an equalizer and an echo effect for the microphone, which constitutes an additional mixing console superfluous. In the center above the faders we still have four soft touch buttons for the sampler. All in all, the Denon MC-4000 quite a lot of money manageable. Simple design, reasonable processing and excellent sound make this controller to a real favorite among DJs.

Numark NV II

numark dj controller

The Numark NV II is a next-generation console with quite a few nice extras. The most striking point here are the two monitors that you show the important things like the Grid Lines, title, BPM, etc. This makes during the mixing a look at the laptop almost superfluous. The monitors have the left and right buttons to perform various settings and to search, for example, in your Library. In the middle you find between decks four channels, which you can use the gänigen programs in 4-deck mode easily. In addition to the handy equalizer potentiometers can be found here also a potentiometer per channel for a low-high filter which contrasts sharply with the equalizers. The jog wheels are reasonable large dimensions and can also be easily operated while scratching. Even the NV II offers two powerful XLR outputs here. The Master, there are also again as RCA output as well as the Booth channel. In summary, the NV is a clearer II Controller of the next generation, which makes almost unnecessary attention to the laptop. Grade for DJs who like to play with their tracks and remixes live, the NV II is a controller, which allows you to do almost anything.

Pioneer DDJ-SR

pioneer dj controller

The Pioneer DDJ-SR is again a 2-channel console in typical Pioneer layout. Anyone who has ever placed with Pioneer, here need to re used much. Large play and cue buttons and large jog wheels are somewhat reminiscent of a CDJ 900. Eight large soft-touch keys below the jog wheel can be used for the Auto Loops, use cues and other gimmicks. The DJ mixer is the best unit in the center using the same components as in the consoles of Pioneer. In the DDJ-SR can be found on the jog wheel again the effect unit is assigned directly via the software. The controller was indeed specifically designed for Serato, but can now also operate with other programs. Corresponding mappings be found in various forums or trials in the Software pages themselves. Unfortunately, the DDJ-SR offers only a master out as jack and RCA, but comes to the channels out enough sound. The monitor channel is only available as RCA. A small drawback: The RCA channel has been assigned and can be assigned a switch as Booth or as master. Occupies one the RCA channel as master, one can unfortunately not connect a monitor. Nevertheless, the Controller convinced me with its solid and clear design. Here gets her genuine Pioneer feeling for little money.

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