Whoever said that “beautiful things in the human life are free” must have come from Bay area in Peninsula simply because most iconic sights can be enjoyed without spending even a dime. With a stunning natural beauty, cultural scenes and thriving arts, the city can still offer an abundant array of things to do whether someone is on a budget or only saving for other indulgences.

Golden Gate Park

This is an oasis of outdoor fervor and a day can never be enough to fully explore over a thousand acres of free rose gardens, Rhododendron dell’s, children’s playground, a tallest artificial waterfall located in the west, public Meadows, an arboretum, music concourse and a buffalo paddock. There are Sundays which are selected so that all the comers can visit the Academy of Sciences in New California.

Historic Abandoned Fortifications

Series of fortifications are found in Marin Headlands and Fort Baker towards the North at the Golden Gate Bridge and most of these dates since the Civil War era. The Brick-built Cavallo Battery is also another protected refuge which was built in the late 1800s. All these fortifications can always be explored without being given any restrictions.

 Ashby Flea Market

This event is stated to be as free as anyone can think of. No admission fee is required to go and browse through different types of goods which vendors display on the market, and therefore many don’t miss to attend. Every week diverse goods are being sold including technological blasts, discounted clothes and foodstuffs.

Music in the Park

During the summer season, free events are availed to the Bay area in abundance to entertain people with popular Silicon Valley music. They are normally held on the first Thursday in July until the last Thursday of the month of August where the musicians from every corner of the country camp in the place to bring out their best. An advantage is that the stage in Plaza De Cesar located in downtown is easily accessible from every area in the bay area.


The water in the bay has been known to be cold, but it is not the reason why visitors or locals don’t have to go and spend some free moments there. San Francisco offers a number of beaches including Baker Beach to catch an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Ocean Beach situated on the western side of the town to watch sunsets and surfers.